Warhawks Romp 66-3

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Finlandia players check out Perkins Stadium about three hours before kickoff on Saturday

Finlandia at UW-W: Notes and Observations 

*The way this game played out exceeded the coaching staff’s expectations in terms of ability to remove starters early with the quick turnaround game slated for Thursday.  The starters were removed with five minutes left in the first quarter after UW-W jumped out to a 28-0 lead.

 *Eight of the 14 Warhawk passes were thrown by three different freshmen.

 *44 of the Warhawks’ 56 rushing attempts were by players not currently in the top three of the depth chart.  Their two leading rushers, freshmen Jarrod Ware and Tyler Glass combined for 148 yards and two touchdowns on just 14 rushing attempts.

 *It was quite a day for Whitewater’s freshman class. Here are the categories in which a freshman was the statistical leader on Saturday.

 Rushing yardage

 Passing yardage

 Receiving yardage

 Punt Return yardage

 Extra Points Made

 Field Goals Made

 Assisted Tackles

 Solo Tackles

 Total Tackles

 Tackles for Loss


 In addition, the longest run (53 yards) was by a freshman, the longest pass play was from a freshman QB to a freshman WR, and four of the top five tacklers were freshmen.

 *The Hawks came out of the game injury free.  They should be going into the Morningside game completely healthy.

 *The Warhawks broke a school record with eight TD’s. Seven different players scored the rushing TD’s and eight different Warhawks scored touchdowns in all.

 *This game was much easier to watch than most games with a lopsided score. Both teams played hard to the very end with runners fighting for extra yardage and players playing to the whistle on every play. Finlandia deserves a lot of respect for how they handled themselves.  They never showed poor sportsmanship or “sorry for myself” body language the entire game that I saw. They appear to be high character young guys who are being taught to play college football the right way by Coach Driscoll.  


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